Read this blog by Paul Strikwerda (posted below). Unethical and Greedy?

Now, here’s my own personal opinion about
While I have received & won jobs from their company, it’s honestly nothing to brag about.

Last year I was on Voice123 and personally, I prefer Voice123 over and I’ll tell you why.  Voice123 lets you make contact with the client and negotiate your OWN rate with that client upon their selection.

Lets stop right there for just a moment and realize what I just said and how important it is.  “You contact the client”.  That is a very important piece of information, as you get to contact the client and network with them, which means… boom.  You have a client to keep on your mailing list!  It’s now a personal relationship!

Yes it (Voicebunny) DOES limit your auditions through SMARTCAST, but it honestly only ever sends auditions to you that are good for YOU anyhow.  There’s no need to be auditioning for everything.

I got more jobs on Voice123, and I found that working on there was just more pleasant than anything else.  The admins actually get in touch with you on occasion, and the jobs I have won through Voice123 seemed to be more well rounded toward what I actually do.

Voice123 also has a sub website called “Voicebunny”.  A lot of people like to trash Voicebunny as well, but it’s only because they don’t know how to use it.

Basically VoiceBunny lets you set your own rates.. and if you set your rates LOW ENOUGH you’ll receive cattle-call auditions from clients that basically don’t want to pay real money for work.  People usually end up doing that, and then they end up hating it because you have to audition within a few minutes, or you don’t get to audition at all.

The REAL way to use it, is to compare your rates with some of the HIGHER rated talents on there and focus your prices around theirs, and the UNION model (plus some – because you don’t get paid residuals).  By doing this, you may not receive audition cattle calls, but the REAL clients (ie bigger name, more popular clients) will book you for work at random, based on if they like your samples or not!

People say you can’t make money on VoiceBunny.
Well.. I made $150 on what was about 30 secs worth of character work.  Because I believe in my worth.  I don’t work for scraps.

So.. if you HAVE to go with a P2P site.  Stay away from and go with Voice123.  You’ll understand why and get FULL DETAILS on that after reading Paul’s blog.

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