In your voice over demo (the most important tool in getting ANY kind of work)

It is super important that your demo trend to most of what is out TODAY.  And not, lets say…  15-20 years ago.

Basically, when people click on your demo, they want to hear commercials that are what you’d hear if you sat down and turned on the TV or radio, right now.  So, you should be sitting down and listening not only to commercials of today… you should be jumping on to and listening to other talents’ demos.  BE CAREFUL.  There are some super stars listed on there that may be an inspiration to you, but even some of their demos are dated!!  Why?  Well several reasons, because they may have not needed to update their demo.  They may not even be working much anymore and probably NEED to update their demo.  Or they’re well off on just auditioning and just plain out have not updated their demo.

So be careful and make sure if you’re going to be inspired to create your demo like your favorite super star you found on voice bank.. that you’re not making it sound dated.

This goes for read style AND MUSIC.  People can tell the difference between free elevator music you searched quickly for, and real contemporary sounding music.  Don’t toss a demo out into the world that sounds generic.

Hope this helps!  Have a great day!

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