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Cartoon Character Voices

You ever have one of those moments where you just want to sit down by the mic and just let loose with characters??
Well, this is one of those moments for me.  I let loose with no script, edited it down.. and here are the characters that bounced out of my head!  Enjoy!  (one comedic f-bomb at the end)

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Voice Acting..? It’s about ACTING!

What a lot of people don’t understand, even after being told this up front… Voice Acting is NOT about changing your voice and making funny voices or imitating another character.

For one, imitating another character gets you no where in this business because, hey… those people are still alive and aren’t going any where.  Why would you bother putting Pinky, Bugs Bunny, Ren, or Stimpy on your voice over demo??  If the people who perform those voices are still alive (with a MUCH BETTER reputation than you), why market yourself like that?  You’re doing yourself a huge disservice.

Voice Acting is about making a choice… and acting out that choice, emotionally and truthfully to the way YOU interpret that character (but at the same time, interpreting it the way the writer/creator envisions it).  In order to find these characters, you need to take acting classes.  Learn to be comfortable with ALL of your emotions and learn to be confident in the choices you make… while not ALWAYS the choice that fits for casting, at least you are making a choice, and when you make a hardcore choice.. it’s never a WRONG choice, just a choice that is not right for the project.. and most of the time, it’s something you can’t help.  Your voice can only do so much.. and if you’re aware of WHAT you can do, that will strengthen you as you go a long the journey and learn new things about yourself AND other people.

In order to start creating characters, you MUST have some acting classes to help you understand how to confront these situations.

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In Voice Over or.. Acting in General.. “Don’t let other people get you down”

Lets face it..  a lot of folks just don’t UNDERSTAND this kind of job.. and when you’re getting started, you’re going to hear a lot of things like;

  • So when are you gonna get a REAL job??
  • Oh you do voice overs??  So what do you do to make a REAL living??
  • What’s voice acting??  That’s what you do??  That’s not a real job…

Or similar mess like that.. and the worse part is.. you’ll hear these things right from your own friends and family.  Here’s the key.. Don’t let it get you down!!

Just always believe in your goal, your plan, your objectives, YOUR PASSION, and never let it go.. Because if Voice Overs are what you are passionate about, then none of what other people say can deter you from it.  They are only simply ignorant to just how much work performing Voice Overs actually is… and that’s understandable.. because they are not performers.. they are not actors..  and they don’t understand the emotional values and keys that are inserted into a script.

A lot of folks think that reading these scripts are EASY… and they may BE easy to an intermediate and professional voice talent, because they are -trained-.  But even then, there is STILL work involved.  A talent must pre-read the script, evaluate the goal of the message, become the character inside the script, and bring it to life.  Simple.  Well if it WERE in fact THAT simple.. we’d all be rich!

After the voice training, there’s ultimately a business here.. and unique voices that fit to a particular brand.  Where does yours fit?  ..If you can’t answer that.  You have a long way to go.

At the bottom of this.. it’s about being passionate.  Passionate to grow a family of clients, who ultimately ARE your family.  If they adopt you into their humble home of business, you go in with respect and responsibility, helping to market and bring their work out above and beyond.  I take pride with every client I earn and I will never forget about any of them.  If you are always there for your clients, and you work hard, they WILL notice, and your hard work and passionate efforts will ALWAYS be appreciated.

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Talkin Toons

If you love studying about Voice Overs, or maybe you just love listening about the experiences of others… then, you will undoubtedly want to listen to Rob Paulsen’s podcasts.. hosted as “Talkin Toons”.  Rob Paulsen talks with other top professional animation voice actors, casting directors, musicians, writers, and other great talent about their lives in Voice Overs and Voice Acting.  Who is Rob Paulsen you ask??  He’s only a voice you’ve heard too many times when you were a child, teen, or adult in the 80s.

Raphael on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (80s and 90s)
Donatello on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012-Present)
Yakko on Animaniacs
Birdbrain on T.U.F.F. Puppies
Carl Wheezer on Jimmy Neutron

Just to name a few!!

Come listen to Talkin Toons and Come Get Yer Toon On! (Click Below)


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Voice Acting Podcast – Finding A Character

This podcast basically touches on the general idea of how to find a character in animation and cartoons.  Changing your pitch… and making a funny voice is not gonna cut it.

Finding the Emotional Connection enables a good delivery…!

This audio provided by me, will give you insight on how to relate to a character and make them sound REAL.  Share this with your friends if you enjoy it!

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Voice Acting – It’s about making a choice!

I guess this spawns from previous conversations.

“How do I play a character this way… that way??”  “How can I be like Mark Hamill’s Joker?”

People have asked things like, “How do I Iaugh correctly?”, finding how to laugh AS a certain character. “How do I voice as a child??”. You’ve heard the same answer almost all the time.. “Acting”.

I know that’s vague for some, but it’s just about being truthful in the decision you make and being emotionally REAL with it. Don’t concentrate on how you sound, or if you’re sounding like Mark Hamill… because you are not Mark Hamill (Kevin Michael Richardson sounds totally different the way he laughs as “Joker”.. but it’s not WRONG, why?? because he keeps to the character’s emotions and does it 100% his own way). Do the character your own way, psychotic, loud. You have to pull that emotion out, make the choice, and let it out. Even if it doesn’t sound 100% the way you want… guess what, you just made a character from that, as long as it was emotionally truthful.

Laughing, Crying, Being Scared, Being Excited.. in movies these emotions aren’t fake, they are authentic and real. If they weren’t, the actor would not be on camera. Same for being behind the microphone, if your emotions are not real, you WILL sound contrived, your laughs will sound fake, your crying will sound fake, your sarcasm will be pale. It’s just bad acting.

Doing this behind a microphone can be harder than working with other actors because NOW you have nobody to work off of. When somebody is yelling at you in real life you either instantly feel weakened and vulnerable emotionally, pushed into tears.. OR you get angry and fight for whatever it is you’re defending/motivated toward. It’s all supported because the other person is HELPING to push you into the correct state of mind. Now do that same thing with nobody there.

Keep this in mind… Voice Acting is EXACTLY the same, if not harder than regular on-camera acting.  It’s not making funny voices… It’s ACTING.  So, if you’re a Voice Actor, the next time someone ever asks you as a “Voice Actor”… “Man, you’re really good!  When are you ever gonna do REAL acting..?”

You can correct them… …first gently let them know about what they just said and that it’s insulting.  That you KNEW ‘what’ they meant… being on camera… but the way they delivered the question, was .. bad.  Because Voice Acting, -IS- REAL ACTING.

Biggest way for someone to start making their characters authentic…? Don’t be self conscious about your own emotions, learn to live with them comfortably. Make your character’s desires YOUR desires. Once you believe in those desires WITH your character, the emotions will pour through, ESPECIALLY if something is in the way of your objective and goals.

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