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VOICE OVER RATES | VOICE OVER PRICING “What should you charge?”

The answer is… You should not charge too low!  What’s too low? Well…

In order to find all this out you have to go and do a few searches on GOOGLE about voice over rates and voice over price charts.  Do this on both UNION and NON-UNION and focus more heavily on getting your prices around UNION rates, if not more because as a NON-UNION talent, you don’t get health benefits, residuals, or retirement.

This video, as well as my previous video, cover the arguments on the voice over rate question and cover all the personal thoughts about it that you might have rumbling around in your head.  So take a listen.  Let me know your thoughts!!

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Creepypasta | Short Scary Story | “TOUCH”

I used to voice a lot of scary stories.  I’ve been thinking about getting back into horror readings again.
But I’d love to know what you guys think.  Would you be interested in seeing (listening) to longer tales?

There are a few longer ones on my channel’s playlist if you’d like to hear some.  Let me know if you’d want to hear more scary stories!  Halloween is approaching!

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Voices.com & Voices123 | PAY TO PLAY | VOICE OVER PRICES

Here’s my honest opinion on the subject of the PAY-TO-PLAY SITES.
When it comes to voice over and working voice talent that want to get paid through bidding, it’s okay!

But I think talents should be professional in their endeavors to work a voice over job.
Your voice recordings are valuable, your time, your efforts, are valuable.

Take yourself seriously in the voice over industry.
Get paid what you deserve, not what a lemonade stand would get paid.

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Sonic X [Voice Acting] [Fandub]

Hey guys!  I just finished my first fandub ever!

I took out all the sound and rebuilt these scenes with Haylizbeth voicing Amy & Tails.
Myself as Sonic & Knuckles.
This was a good muscle work out for audio design and playing pretend.  I think I am starting to like fan dubbing for that reason alone!  It’s like an exercise routine!


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E3 FAILS 2015 (Cartoon Parody of the E3 Expo Event)

New Jamcave Animation is out now!
Alongside the regular crew is guest animator FaKanza
There’s a ton of work put into this one, including a variety of character vocal work. Albeit the character lines are very short, as the cartoons are quick!

**Hayley Nelson voices Sora, Chun-Li, Slippy
**Myself voicing Fox McCloud, Mickey Mouse, Mario and tons more!

Please support us by sharing this on your social media. It’s appreciated a bunch! Thanks guys/gals and enjoy it!

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