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VOICE OVER RATES | VOICE OVER PRICING “What should you charge?”

The answer is… You should not charge too low!  What’s too low? Well…

In order to find all this out you have to go and do a few searches on GOOGLE about voice over rates and voice over price charts.  Do this on both UNION and NON-UNION and focus more heavily on getting your prices around UNION rates, if not more because as a NON-UNION talent, you don’t get health benefits, residuals, or retirement.

This video, as well as my previous video, cover the arguments on the voice over rate question and cover all the personal thoughts about it that you might have rumbling around in your head.  So take a listen.  Let me know your thoughts!!

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Voices.com & Voices123 | PAY TO PLAY | VOICE OVER PRICES

Here’s my honest opinion on the subject of the PAY-TO-PLAY SITES.
When it comes to voice over and working voice talent that want to get paid through bidding, it’s okay!

But I think talents should be professional in their endeavors to work a voice over job.
Your voice recordings are valuable, your time, your efforts, are valuable.

Take yourself seriously in the voice over industry.
Get paid what you deserve, not what a lemonade stand would get paid.

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E3 FAILS 2015 (Cartoon Parody of the E3 Expo Event)

New Jamcave Animation is out now!
Alongside the regular crew is guest animator FaKanza
There’s a ton of work put into this one, including a variety of character vocal work. Albeit the character lines are very short, as the cartoons are quick!

**Hayley Nelson voices Sora, Chun-Li, Slippy
**Myself voicing Fox McCloud, Mickey Mouse, Mario and tons more!

Please support us by sharing this on your social media. It’s appreciated a bunch! Thanks guys/gals and enjoy it!

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Voice Over Artist

People look at this word and take it for granted…

Yes, you ARE in fact an ARTIST when it comes to the world of voice overs and voice acting.
As a voice over artist, you need to think strongly about what kind of direction you will be taking with your Artistic Talent.

What kind of pictures (in audio) are you going to paint in people’s minds?  Audio is, or I should say, CAN BE, emotionally moving, and can paint feelings into a person, motivating them to TAKE ACTION, FEEL SOMETHING, or to DO SOMETHING.

That is your goal… but what kind of pictures do YOU paint?

Are you good at making a sell?  Do you come across as trust worthy?  Are you full of energy and just have an enlightening personality naturally?  Are you versatile in on-stage acting and portraying characters?

You need to KNOW what you’re good at so you can create the correct brand for yourself in this field.  If you are a natural leader and you come across as authorative and commanding, then you may be great for reads that require this kind of style as it just comes out naturally from you without any effort.

If you are silly and outgoing, and you find yourself easily able to jump from one personality to the next, then character work may be for you.  Know your strengths, and focus your work around it.

LEARN where you fit in.. and when you learn your own voice and what it’s branded for.  FOCUS ON THAT.  That’s what sells.. and that’s where your niche will end up being your mainstay in the voice industry.

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Five Nights at Freddy’s | Cartoon Animation Short

Hello there fans!!  I’ve got some great news.  This past weekend, I got to work with some totally awesome dudes on an animated short where from the beginning of the 48-hour LIVE STREAM session on TwitchTV, we challenged ourselves to brainstorm an idea, and get it done.  Brainstorming started, the cameras were on (all weekend!), and we only had one phrase.  FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDYS.

The 5 Animators:  Hernan Bruna  |  TwistedGrim  |  SamGreenMedia  |  Rockaranzen  |  GeoExe

Myself as voice actor / sound designer / audio production

It was a great experience, and hope the next time is filled with such fun!
All of us at TheJamCave.com hope you guys had fun experiencing the creative process.

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Five Nights at Freddy’s (AUDIO DRAMA)

This audio drama titled, “First Night at Freddy’s”, was written, voiced, edited, and produced by Jonathan Jones.
Divided into 2 separate parts, this short little story features the 3 main animatronic characters; Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica as they torment the protagonist in the night.

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Care Bears Countdown (Cover)

A little retro 80s music for all of you that grew up in the 80s and 90s, and for the small group of you kids out there that may enjoy Care Bears today.  I decided to re-visit my childhood and sing the theme music originally sang and written by the all talented John Sebastian.

Care Bears Countdown.
All voices are myself!

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Creepypasta Horror Story “Mr. Widemouth”

This creepy fairy tale was Narrated by Jesse Cornett.  Voice of Mr. Widemouth was provided by Jonathan Jones.

This is THE best audio telling of Mr. Widemouth you can find on the internet.  Jonathan not only voiced Mr. Widemouth, but got to implement creature sounds in this as well.  Enjoy!

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