I get some people that come to me and ask repeatedly.

“Can you give me some voice over tips?  What did YOU do to get started?”  Well… guys… I’m going to tell you right now that I did not ever ask this question to any other voice actor since I started voice overs as a hobby back in the middle of 2012.  I never went to any voice actor amateur or professional to deliberately ask them for tips.. you want to know why?

Because the internet was right in front of me.  Not only did I have a massive amount of tip videos right here on youtube already (I’ve even created some!).  But it’s just a matter of, I am noticing that a lot of you are not able to take any kind of real initiative yourselves.  You aren’t taking point and doing things YOURSELF.  In this business, if you expect someone to hold your hand.  You won’t make it.

This business is about motivation, passion, confidence.  It’s a business where if you don’t make things happen yourself by; going to classes, listening to or reading ALL resources available on the internet, DOING or performing the art of VO everyday, then you’re never going to get anywhere with it.  Sitting around with hopes and dreams, bothering me on facebook, or writing me irritating e-mails with questions that can be answered by ONE simple GOOGLE search, is not going to help anyone.  It shows me how much initiative, or drive you have to do things for ‘yourself’.  Now…  it’s okay to ask me questions when the questions actually have some weight to them and detail.  But coming to me, just to strike up conversation with, “What tips can you give me”.  I find it rude and careless.

If any of you are looking to take a step into the world of VO, be mindful of yourself.  Respect other people’s time and patience.  Take classes, learn from everything that MANY folks out there on the internet provide already.  VO Buzz Weekly.  Nancy Wolfson.  Bill Dewees.  Richard Horvitz.  There is no shortage of information here guys.

Take initiative first.  Ask questions later.

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