Damn, really…!? The Care Bears?!?!

Yes, I’m gonna throw it way back and be happy sappy, lovey dovey… because hey.. The freakin’ Care Bears loved everyone!!

When I was a child, I will be one of the first kids to admit, yes.. I watched the Care Bears!!   Not religiously, but I REALLY loved the two movies, and the shorter episodic content would always come on the Disney Channel every morning before school.  So I always at least got to see the “Care Bear Countdown” 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. song before I went to elementary school every morning.

This song is from the first movie, it’s called Care-A-Lot and plays right when the movie begins.  Sang by Carole King, I am the ONLY male I think to cover this song on the internet.  Is that something to be proud of?  I have no clue.. I did it for me!!  …But I’ll let you decide!!  Regardless, I hope you enjoy it!

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