So much negativity on social media; Relationships. Jobs. People’s social lives. Being depressed over 1st world problems, or wanting remorse and attention over the resulted problems of your own decisions.

I empathize. I really do, because I’ve been there. I’ve washed dishes, I’ve bussed tables, I’ve pulled freight at hotels, retail stores, grocery stores, and restaurants. I’ve dealt with power hungry managers, asshole employees, and I’ve done almost every hated job out there.

I’m not embarrassed to say that I’ve worked for MANY company’s out in the world (80% of them aren’t even ON my LinkedIN). But in my positive view point of it all… It taught me business and marketing, which I use NOW in my own Voice Over business.

So basically.. You know what? A lot more people are going through the same thing you and I have. You are not an exclusive prize… but.. you can fix it. Starting by being more positive. And I’m not joking… Negativity is the worst poison you can feed yourself. Worrying about things is like wishing for something bad to happen. Making a positive wish is a goal to look forward to.

Being around negative people is something you probably can’t help. But don’t put yourself down on their level (because now you just made yourself into one of the negative people NOBODY wants to be around). IGNORE it, and work around it in a positive light. Giving people a stern response is sometimes necessary, but make sure you’re being smart in the way you associate with people, covering yourself and not ‘igniting a fire’.

Ultimately tho.. how did -I- stop, and get better? The story is different for every individual person, but I studied what made me happy, after really taking the time to figure MYSELF out. You have to do this until you place yourself where you really want to be and you need to want it, and be passionate about it more than anyone else, because THAT is what gets you past the so called ‘competition’ (such a negative word in my book, they should only be your ‘peers’).

Long story short.. stop being negative and whiny. Have a positive outlook and create fun goals for yourself and ignore the crap as best you can, (Oh I know it can feel impossible at times).. but you always find a way to pull through the bullshit. Just becareful not to create MORE bullshit for yourself, because that’s on you and not anyone else.

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