So some of you have been wondering about my Fiverr status and how it’s been working for me.

I have been on Fiverr since March 2016.  I have given it about a solid 6 months (nothing but positive reviews), and I’ll have to say that I break about even each month on net payments I receive.  It’s not the most remarkable thing in the world, but it’s nice if you want to have some side money coming in, extra spending cash here and there.  However there still could be a change, if for some reason I created a huge amount of traffic EACH DAY for myself and I had at least 10-15 orders a day, I could easily live off FIVERR.  But as of right now, I only ever receive 1-3 orders each day, and it’s nice to have that extra cash at the end of the month.

But it’s nothing to celebrate over!  I’ll stick with it though and see what happens!

In terms of Bill Dewees and Lance Tamashiro trying to push “FIVERR” off on people as some ‘make REAL money’ doing voice overs scheme, it’s false.  Don’t buy into it voice over friends and colleagues.  Getting rich on Fiverr is just not gonna happen unless you’re the pick of the litter.  Lance got lucky on Fiverr and probably got noticed by the right person and they make him FEATURED a ton, which earns him a lot of orders and money… but not EVERYONE can be featured like that… they pick and choose those people personally, so you just have to be lucky for that kind of attention… he happened to get it, and then he and Bill just made up a plan to give aspiring voice talents hope… and for them to order into their SALES PITCH and make money off of it…

Don’t fall for it guys… slick marketing, slick sales plans is all it is.  It’s just a neat way for Bill Dewees and Lance to earn extra cash while providing people with motivation… you’ll earn money, but not a lot.  Not like Lance did out of pure luck.

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