So I am just ending my 3rd month on Fiverr.

This month I broke even to the 2nd month.  I saw not much difference with the entire month having earned the Level 2 badge at the beginning of the month.
I’m not sure how Fiverr works.  Whether they set your gigs up to get more exposure, but there seems to be a trend with successful talents that work on the platform.  They get successful after working on the platform for a few months, and then it’s like Fiverr unlocks something for that talent because at some point they always start receiving a ton of orders, and thus start their REAL living on the Fiverr website as a contractor.

It would be a really awesome thing to happen for me, as it would give me perfect time to work on both Fiverr and my youtube channel with no hassle.  I usually spend half the day working with Fiverr and other VO projects, getting my orders done, and then the second half of the day is spent engaging with folks on youtube and livestreaming video games.

We’ll see how all this pans out in the coming months.
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