I have everything set up and I just wanted to explain what I had in mind for Fiverr.  Is Fiverr a lucrative road for Voice Over Talents? Well, I look forward to making new clients and meeting new folks through the platform, and to go in with a plan and a focus.

Whether I’m offending the more traditional folks out there by USING Fiverr, well.. don’t be bothered by it, because I’m not undercutting anything.
I know there are some of you that “damn” the site in the voice industry… I used to be one of those people. But I am convinced that by using Fiverr, I can supply voice overs to those that NEED them, but may not be able to afford some of the expensive talents out there.

In my time with voice over I have found that there are some clients that are very local start up companies, or folks that have never purchased a voice talent before and are on a low budget. That’s where I come in. I want to be able to provide to these companies as well as maintain the relationships I have with my larger clients.

Will it work? Will people like it? I guess time will tell. But I enjoy the work that I do, and I want to offer my talents to MORE than just the super rich.

By using Fiverr properly, I think it could be lucrative, while at the same time helping a lot of new clients out and make great relationships.
Here is what my Fiverr Gig looks like!
Click Here to View My Fiverr Gig

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