So I haven’t really taken the time to let some of you into my personal life!!

I love video games! I love video games that tell a great story, provide discovery and adventure, and that have great characters. So that should tell you that I don’t play Multiplayer Games that much. The only multiplayer game that I play because it DOES have a sense of progression and adventure is GTAV for right now. One game that I am definitely looking forward to is Dark Souls III (Take a look at some gameplay


The game provides a ton of exploration, lore, and a story that is not spoon fed to you, which is right down my alley. AND IT’S SUPER CHALLENGING! That’s right.. you’ll die.. die.. and die again as you traverse the game. Filled with traps, tricks, and the developers messing with your head as you progress.. and I love that.

I won’t say too much about Dark Souls, but if you follow my blog, I’d like to hear your Dark Souls tales. What are you looking forward to in the new game!?

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