Well, I have movie stars, comedians, directors, and various fashions of other folks out there that inspire me as well.

But if I had to tell anyone what I WANT truthfully out of my voice over career, and to be 100% honest and forward with them, my answer would be the following.

In my voice over career, my drive is to bring interesting characters to life.  Characters that people of all ages can ‘talk to’, interact with, witness their stories, and to create a world that people can find empathy with.  My aim is to team up with people that have similar dreams.

For me, tired are the times of wasted animation where characters aren’t something people can really find empathy with, or relate to.  They are just animators ‘showing off’ but not really tapping into the viewer and experiences they may have had in life.  I want the characters I work with to be interesting, to have a life, to be something that anyone watching can relate to in some way, or just have a good laugh

I’m a big fan of 70s, 80s, to early 90s animation.. and a majority of those toons, I think, were, and are still to this day INCREDIBLE.  But today, people seem to just want to ‘show off’.  It’s more about showing off special effects and cinematography rather than digging inside the mind of a character and touching people’s hearts, relating, and giving them something to ‘think about’, or just to possibly feed them smart humor.  I’m hoping before I die that I may be able to work with a team that would bring this kind of story-telling back, and maybe even work on some of the voices to said characters, and direct the projects.

Right now, the closest thing I have to even remotely being considerable to this idea is Tony Crynight’s “FNAF” series that we both write script for and produce together.  And while the script will start fairly simple, I really want to do some things with these characters that kids, teens, AND adults may enjoy.  It’s hard and fairly slow going with only one animator, .. but we do the best we can with what we have, and I feel that people really love what we do regardless if it IS pinched off an already existent franchise.

These characters will be fleshed out, and I also want them to talk to the viewers and interact with them in seperate videos outside of the story, because I think it’s VERY important to invite the viewers in on occasion and what better way than to do that in today’s time where youtube is right here in our face and nobody’s taking advantage of characters talking to the chat room…  seems it’s all been lost to people, and I want that to come back.

I have vaguely had Springtrap talk cheaply to the camera one-time, and people reacted and talked back.  That’s a special thing I think.

But there you have it… my dreams.

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