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Secret Monster Society by Deceptive Games

A new cartoony point and click adventure is on the way!
It is called, “Secret Monster Society”

I am very happy to be able to lend my voice to this fun project, where I voiced two monsters, one of which is the main character’s father!
It is currently on Steam GreenLight, so it would mean a lot to myself as well as the team if you went over to this link to up-vote the game:

You can watch the trailer for the game here:

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Tales of Zale Minisode #1

Keep an eye out soon for Tales of Zale minisode #1.
Animated by Zachary Johnson | Music Composed by Matthew Pablo.

My first time project with Hikarian Animations.
For this project my main contribution was sound design and all audio editing, creating foot patter, ambience, basically everything you hear in the final product. I DO make a tiny robotic voice cameo, but that’s it!

You will get to learn more how I used the palm of my hand to create both Zale’s footsteps, as well as Elva’s talon steps once the minisode is up!

Watch the 1st full “Tales of Zale” episode here:

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Knowledge Voice Box | Susan Blu

This blew me away when I came across this on GOOGLE, as I am a hardcore fan of Friday the 13th.

DID YOU KNOW:  Susan Blu, the voice director for the 80s Ninja Turtles cartoon is ALSO the actress that played Mrs. Amanda Shepherd (Tina’s Mother), Tina being the protagonist.  On Friday The 13th Part: VII (the one where she used super telekinetic powers against Jason).

Susan Blu (pictured below)


Susan was also the voice director for Beast Wars, and was the voice actress on various cartoon characters in Tiny Toon Adventures, Scooby Doo Ghoul School, My Little Pony, and was voice of Nanny Smurf on “The Smurfs”.

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