Voices.com | Becareful about signing up

Read this blog by Paul Strikwerda (posted below).

Voices.com: Unethical and Greedy?

Now, here’s my own personal opinion about Voices.com
While I have received & won jobs from their company, it’s honestly nothing to brag about.

Last year I was on Voice123 and personally, I prefer Voice123 over Voices.com and I’ll tell you why.  Voice123 lets you make contact with the client and negotiate your OWN rate with that client upon their selection.

Lets stop right there for just a moment and realize what I just said and how important it is.  “You contact the client”.  That is a very important piece of information, as you get to contact the client and network with them, which means… boom.  You have a client to keep on your mailing list!  It’s now a personal relationship!

Yes it (Voicebunny) DOES limit your auditions through SMARTCAST, but it honestly only ever sends auditions to you that are good for YOU anyhow.  There’s no need to be auditioning for everything.

I got more jobs on Voice123, and I found that working on there was just more pleasant than anything else.  The admins actually get in touch with you on occasion, and the jobs I have won through Voice123 seemed to be more well rounded toward what I actually do.

Voice123 also has a sub website called “Voicebunny”.  A lot of people like to trash Voicebunny as well, but it’s only because they don’t know how to use it.

Basically VoiceBunny lets you set your own rates.. and if you set your rates LOW ENOUGH you’ll receive cattle-call auditions from clients that basically don’t want to pay real money for work.  People usually end up doing that, and then they end up hating it because you have to audition within a few minutes, or you don’t get to audition at all.

The REAL way to use it, is to compare your rates with some of the HIGHER rated talents on there and focus your prices around theirs, and the UNION model (plus some – because you don’t get paid residuals).  By doing this, you may not receive audition cattle calls, but the REAL clients (ie bigger name, more popular clients) will book you for work at random, based on if they like your samples or not!

People say you can’t make money on VoiceBunny.
Well.. I made $150 on what was about 30 secs worth of character work.  Because I believe in my worth.  I don’t work for scraps.

So.. if you HAVE to go with a P2P site.  Stay away from Voices.com and go with Voice123.  You’ll understand why and get FULL DETAILS on that after reading Paul’s blog.

Knowledge Voice Box | Susan Blu

This blew me away when I came across this on GOOGLE, as I am a hardcore fan of Friday the 13th.

DID YOU KNOW:  Susan Blu, the voice director for the 80s Ninja Turtles cartoon is ALSO the actress that played Mrs. Amanda Shepherd (Tina’s Mother), Tina being the protagonist.  On Friday The 13th Part: VII (the one where she used super telekinetic powers against Jason).

Susan Blu (pictured below)


Susan was also the voice director for Beast Wars, and was the voice actress on various cartoon characters in Tiny Toon Adventures, Scooby Doo Ghoul School, My Little Pony, and was voice of Nanny Smurf on “The Smurfs”.

Trend Today

In your voice over demo (the most important tool in getting ANY kind of work)

It is super important that your demo trend to most of what is out TODAY.  And not, lets say…  15-20 years ago.

Basically, when people click on your demo, they want to hear commercials that are what you’d hear if you sat down and turned on the TV or radio, right now.  So, you should be sitting down and listening not only to commercials of today… you should be jumping on to voicebank.net and listening to other talents’ demos.  BE CAREFUL.  There are some super stars listed on there that may be an inspiration to you, but even some of their demos are dated!!  Why?  Well several reasons, because they may have not needed to update their demo.  They may not even be working much anymore and probably NEED to update their demo.  Or they’re well off on just auditioning and just plain out have not updated their demo.

So be careful and make sure if you’re going to be inspired to create your demo like your favorite super star you found on voice bank.. that you’re not making it sound dated.

This goes for read style AND MUSIC.  People can tell the difference between free elevator music you searched quickly for, and real contemporary sounding music.  Don’t toss a demo out into the world that sounds generic.

Hope this helps!  Have a great day!

Characters Are My Inspiration

Well, I have movie stars, comedians, directors, and various fashions of other folks out there that inspire me as well.

But if I had to tell anyone what I WANT truthfully out of my voice over career, and to be 100% honest and forward with them, my answer would be the following.

In my voice over career, my drive is to bring interesting characters to life.  Characters that people of all ages can ‘talk to’, interact with, witness their stories, and to create a world that people can find empathy with.  My aim is to team up with people that have similar dreams.

For me, tired are the times of wasted animation where characters aren’t something people can really find empathy with, or relate to.  They are just animators ‘showing off’ but not really tapping into the viewer and experiences they may have had in life.  I want the characters I work with to be interesting, to have a life, to be something that anyone watching can relate to in some way, or just have a good laugh

I’m a big fan of 70s, 80s, to early 90s animation.. and a majority of those toons, I think, were, and are still to this day INCREDIBLE.  But today, people seem to just want to ‘show off’.  It’s more about showing off special effects and cinematography rather than digging inside the mind of a character and touching people’s hearts, relating, and giving them something to ‘think about’, or just to possibly feed them smart humor.  I’m hoping before I die that I may be able to work with a team that would bring this kind of story-telling back, and maybe even work on some of the voices to said characters, and direct the projects.

Right now, the closest thing I have to even remotely being considerable to this idea is Tony Crynight’s “FNAF” series that we both write script for and produce together.  And while the script will start fairly simple, I really want to do some things with these characters that kids, teens, AND adults may enjoy.  It’s hard and fairly slow going with only one animator, .. but we do the best we can with what we have, and I feel that people really love what we do regardless if it IS pinched off an already existent franchise.

These characters will be fleshed out, and I also want them to talk to the viewers and interact with them in seperate videos outside of the story, because I think it’s VERY important to invite the viewers in on occasion and what better way than to do that in today’s time where youtube is right here in our face and nobody’s taking advantage of characters talking to the chat room…  seems it’s all been lost to people, and I want that to come back.

I have vaguely had Springtrap talk cheaply to the camera one-time, and people reacted and talked back.  That’s a special thing I think.

But there you have it… my dreams.

I Wasn’t Always a Voice Actor

So much negativity on social media; Relationships. Jobs. People’s social lives. Being depressed over 1st world problems, or wanting remorse and attention over the resulted problems of your own decisions.

I empathize. I really do, because I’ve been there. I’ve washed dishes, I’ve bussed tables, I’ve pulled freight at hotels, retail stores, grocery stores, and restaurants. I’ve dealt with power hungry managers, asshole employees, and I’ve done almost every hated job out there.

I’m not embarrassed to say that I’ve worked for MANY company’s out in the world (80% of them aren’t even ON my LinkedIN). But in my positive view point of it all… It taught me business and marketing, which I use NOW in my own Voice Over business.

So basically.. You know what? A lot more people are going through the same thing you and I have. You are not an exclusive prize… but.. you can fix it. Starting by being more positive. And I’m not joking… Negativity is the worst poison you can feed yourself. Worrying about things is like wishing for something bad to happen. Making a positive wish is a goal to look forward to.

Being around negative people is something you probably can’t help. But don’t put yourself down on their level (because now you just made yourself into one of the negative people NOBODY wants to be around). IGNORE it, and work around it in a positive light. Giving people a stern response is sometimes necessary, but make sure you’re being smart in the way you associate with people, covering yourself and not ‘igniting a fire’.

Ultimately tho.. how did -I- stop, and get better? The story is different for every individual person, but I studied what made me happy, after really taking the time to figure MYSELF out. You have to do this until you place yourself where you really want to be and you need to want it, and be passionate about it more than anyone else, because THAT is what gets you past the so called ‘competition’ (such a negative word in my book, they should only be your ‘peers’).

Long story short.. stop being negative and whiny. Have a positive outlook and create fun goals for yourself and ignore the crap as best you can, (Oh I know it can feel impossible at times).. but you always find a way to pull through the bullshit. Just becareful not to create MORE bullshit for yourself, because that’s on you and not anyone else.

Behind The Scenes | Tony Crynight FNAF Animations

So what happens behind the scenes??

Well, from my own viewpoint in working with Tony, he started out just animating these cartoons on his own.  I did not come into the picture until PART 6.

PART 6:  All I assisted with was the sound effects.
PART 7: I assisted with music AND SFX.
PART 8 & 9:  I offered vocal direction to another actress, worked on the SFX, and put in music.

Now on PART 10, we’ll have some other great actors.  I am helping to write script, AND… working on all that other stuff I talked about!  Plus surprises!

So things have really progressed at how close Tony & myself have been working together and it’s simply because it’s a fun and fantastic bunch of characters that I think can be made into some great cartoon segments, and I really saw the potential in his work!  Which is why I contacted him!

The process, currently runs..  Tony and I will come up with ideas for the script and what the characters will be doing in detail.  We already have a rough outline of what will be happening throughout the ENTIRE story, but put each segment to more detail as the cartoon episodes’ (or “PARTS”) ideas come to us.

We back and forth a lot, write a script, he creates the animatic to the voice.. once I see that animatic, I will get a sense right away if areas need to be adjusted for delivery, or lines need to be changed.  So basically, it’s us just going back and forth until it FEELS right.
Then once Tony finalizes the animation with the voices.  I take the animation and add sound and music, and it becomes complete!!

And that’s how cartoons are made!