So what happens behind the scenes??

Well, from my own viewpoint in working with Tony, he started out just animating these cartoons on his own.  I did not come into the picture until PART 6.

PART 6:  All I assisted with was the sound effects.
PART 7: I assisted with music AND SFX.
PART 8 & 9:  I offered vocal direction to another actress, worked on the SFX, and put in music.

Now on PART 10, we’ll have some other great actors.  I am helping to write script, AND… working on all that other stuff I talked about!  Plus surprises!

So things have really progressed at how close Tony & myself have been working together and it’s simply because it’s a fun and fantastic bunch of characters that I think can be made into some great cartoon segments, and I really saw the potential in his work!  Which is why I contacted him!

The process, currently runs..  Tony and I will come up with ideas for the script and what the characters will be doing in detail.  We already have a rough outline of what will be happening throughout the ENTIRE story, but put each segment to more detail as the cartoon episodes’ (or “PARTS”) ideas come to us.

We back and forth a lot, write a script, he creates the animatic to the voice.. once I see that animatic, I will get a sense right away if areas need to be adjusted for delivery, or lines need to be changed.  So basically, it’s us just going back and forth until it FEELS right.
Then once Tony finalizes the animation with the voices.  I take the animation and add sound and music, and it becomes complete!!

And that’s how cartoons are made!

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